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One Reason Why People Are Depressed

One Reason Why People Are Depressed

I went to a local comedy show tonight. It was a great way to get out some laughs and let the everyday stresses melt away… If you have never been to a comedy show, I suggest going; and if a local place hosts them, become a regular.

Where am I going with this? As a collective whole, I don’t believe we are laughing enough these days. I’m not a scientist, but I do know that the ability to laugh is a fundamental element to happiness. The ability to laugh at jokes, at others, but mostly – at yourself… Because face it, we all do stupid stuff; we all do something laugh-able at least once a day. This leads me to believe that if we can laugh at ourselves, or at the simple things in life – as a collective whole, we might just be a tad bit happier.

Obviously, happiness is much more complicated than that. But lets also admit that even the most complicated aspects of life can be broken down into more simple and easier to understand concepts. Happiness isn’t composed of one ingredient, or two, or three… Happiness is ultimately what we, ourselves, interpret it as. If your sad, depressed, over burdened by life and its many stresses – maybe its time to look at yourself in the mirror and smile, and tell yourself, “today is going to be great.” Start with once a day, stopping to enjoy the little things in life. The first step in life improvement, is improving your mindset; from there, the rest is a little easier.

After changing your mindset, which for most isn’t easy… Then we have the burden of medications (bringing us up and down), vitamins and mineral deficiencies (giving us fatigue and depression), and the overall distraction and disconnectedness of society; which I plan on discussing later.

The main point is, happiness is all around us; and its up to us to decide what we do with it and how we utilize its powers.


What Will You Choose?

What Will You Choose?

I wrote a poem a while ago that I would like to share – it brings to life my deeply seeded passion to help others. Please read 🙂 Thanks.

The words are a disguise,
Only a fraction of the truth.
What you discover beneath?
The chaotic rhythm,
Of everything that moves.

A oneness not often found,
Meanders above the clouds;
Only to be found,
In the beating hands of the truest sound.

Closer to a realization,
Searched for,
More often stumbled upon than not,
That we are the lucky ones.

A chance to breathe,
And a choice to think,
Not to be abused,
To find the passions that we seek.

To give and to improve,
Upon what’s already been laid ahead,
Someones life can be saved,
With only a few simple words said.

– Tasha Hannah

Thanks for reading 🙂

“New” Aged Thinking?

“New” Aged Thinking?

I find it extremely intriguing how quickly things have changed… We have strayed so far from our roots, that its no wonder we are lost, depressed, constantly searching for what bigger, or better, or new. The modernizing of our civilization has caused people to become distant from things that really matter. Most of us are stuck working 8-5 jobs, hardly able to find time to think introspectively, or spend adequate enough time with their friends and families… And why? Because we have loans that need paid off, a house, a car, credit cards, or other debts. If people could find happiness and fulfillment by being self-sustainable… Reliant more on our selves instead of big companies…  Our lives, planet, and overall connection between each other could vastly improve.

I suppose my main point is this, take a step back and learn to reconnect to nature, slowly free yourself from the need to coat yourself in chemicals everyday, and eat whatever food is easy, fast, and seems “cheap but delicious,” and realize that people crave interaction… When we stop having face-to-face conversation, we loose our ability to really interact with one another. To me, that’s a very un-nerving thought.

Over the past 6 months or so I’ve started working on being healthier, inside and out. It all started with exercise and food. I’ve always been an active person, but up until recently, I ate whatever I wanted. I didn’t think about what I ate because I was skinny, and that’s what matters right? Haha, nope… Boy – was I wrong. I had no idea what all the fast food, energy drinks, sweets, fried foods, and other substances were doing to my body; until now. I’ve been eating cleaner, learning more and more as I go on – and it feels great. I’ve definitely had times that I fell back into eating crappy foods, and not exercising.. But it always feels good when you get back into the groove of things.

Tonight I used all natural showering and self-cleaning products. To remove dirt and toxins from my skin, I put raw honey on my face for about 5 minutes, although you can do it up to 20 if you want. When I jumped in the shower I rinsed it off and used Dr. Bronners soap on my hair and face as a wash. After that I used Raw, Unfiltered, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as a conditioner to my hair, and a toner to my face. We will see how everything looks and feels tomorrow, but as of now my face is soft as a babies bum and my hair seems soft and manageable so far. I am stoked!! I eliminated so many chemicals out of my daily life JUST by getting rid of my old shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Im also working towards using just baking soda, combined with salt and oils for my teeth, so we will see if it works! I AM EXCITED to see how the natural stuff works 🙂 Living in a new aged world – doing old age stuff 🙂

Intentions… Hopes… Inspiration… And Passion.

Intentions… Hopes… Inspiration… And Passion.

I feel like most people spend their whole lives searching for the things that complete them. Living in a world with constant distraction, lost from the things that make everything worth it. My hope is, throughout this journey I call “life” – I can continue to discover what really matters – and while doing so, I hope to inspire others. Changing peoples lives for the better is one of my biggest passions; and I feel like one medium is through blogging and connecting with people worldwide. As I write about my journey – finding health, proper nutrition, herbal medicine, and living sustainably – I hope to enlighten and share how easy I think it can me. Lets fight the cycle of eating crap foods, feeling fatigued, angry, anxious, and depressed. Lets ward off diseases, that are not as inevitable as they seem… And build a better future for not only us, but our children – and our grandchildren. I am on a journey of creating a more “natural” life for myself, and hopefully while doing so change the lives of those willing to listen.