What Will You Choose?

What Will You Choose?

I wrote a poem a while ago that I would like to share – it brings to life my deeply seeded passion to help others. Please read 🙂 Thanks.

The words are a disguise,
Only a fraction of the truth.
What you discover beneath?
The chaotic rhythm,
Of everything that moves.

A oneness not often found,
Meanders above the clouds;
Only to be found,
In the beating hands of the truest sound.

Closer to a realization,
Searched for,
More often stumbled upon than not,
That we are the lucky ones.

A chance to breathe,
And a choice to think,
Not to be abused,
To find the passions that we seek.

To give and to improve,
Upon what’s already been laid ahead,
Someones life can be saved,
With only a few simple words said.

– Tasha Hannah

Thanks for reading 🙂


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