Intentions… Hopes… Inspiration… And Passion.

Intentions… Hopes… Inspiration… And Passion.

I feel like most people spend their whole lives searching for the things that complete them. Living in a world with constant distraction, lost from the things that make everything worth it. My hope is, throughout this journey I call “life” – I can continue to discover what really matters – and while doing so, I hope to inspire others. Changing peoples lives for the better is one of my biggest passions; and I feel like one medium is through blogging and connecting with people worldwide. As I write about my journey – finding health, proper nutrition, herbal medicine, and living sustainably – I hope to enlighten and share how easy I think it can me. Lets fight the cycle of eating crap foods, feeling fatigued, angry, anxious, and depressed. Lets ward off diseases, that are not as inevitable as they seem… And build a better future for not only us, but our children – and our grandchildren. I am on a journey of creating a more “natural” life for myself, and hopefully while doing so change the lives of those willing to listen.


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